NCMI Paris Equip 2018 by Tori Robbertze

Equip conferences are when churches meet together. The New Covenant Ministries International team comes prepared to teach and encourage pastors, leaders and members of local churches to further equip them in the mission of knowing Jesus and making Him known. Paul and I had been planning to go to the Paris Equip for some time, as Paul’s parents were missionaries […]


Higher Ground 

Reflections from the Leaders’ Weekend Sometimes we need to take a moment to press pause, get some perspective, and come up to Higher Ground, where the world fades away and the sounds of Heaven become clear. We can become so easily distracted by the things that flood our lives and forget that we are sons and daughters of a living God, who has a […]


Meet Roxie.

Meet Roxie. Unbeknownst to many, Roxie is a mom to twelve children! She is one of the most kind, sincere, and selfless people you will meet. She echoes the heart of Jesus so beautifully and has an incredible story to tell. Roxie, together with her husband, are the house parents at the Transition Home of […]


Jesus: Our Rest

  Learning to Keep Company with Him by Emmy Tedder. With the mid-year mark fast approaching and the length of daylight dwindling daily, the darkness of winter seems to so easily settle inwardly on the horizon of our souls. We can find ourselves living only for the weekend, daydreaming of the next holiday, and longing […]


Meet Heather.

  Meet our next speaker, Heather Phipps. Heather and her husband, Stan, lead the team at Glenridge. Heather is secretly a superwoman… She is a wife and working mom of three. She is friendly, adds life wherever she goes, and is always up for an adventure.  We love Heather’s love and compassion for people and the […]


Meet Helen.

Meet Helen…One of our speakers at our upcoming Ladies’ event, “By Design.” Helen has been in our congregation for 3 and a bit years, and we love her to bits! She is passionate, determined, kind, loving, and friendly. We recently sat down with her to ask a few questions in order to get to know […]


One New Man by Vicky Simpson

“For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility…His purpose was to create in himself one new humanity out of the two, thus making peace.” (Eph. 2:14-15, NIV) Looking at the world around us and the headlines that dominate the news, both […]


Reading plans

We value God’s word and we value community. That’s why we thought we’d combine the two to create a reading plan- one that we can read together as a church community. We are currently going through Paul’s letters in chronological order. You can download our reading plan by clicking on the image below or following […]


Meet the Interns

Meet the Interns: Guru, Jaime, KK, and Cody Four people. Four big hearts. Four world changers. The new interns have been serving alongside the Glenridge team and blessing the community on a number of levels – practically and spiritually – since the beginning of 2017. Glenridge’s Station office is ever grateful for our interns who help by answering phone calls, [...]


Our Awesome King Jesus by Drew Land

In which town was Jesus born? That’s not a hard question. That wouldn’t stump anyone on a TV game show. Most 5-year-olds could tell you the answer. Jesus was born in Bethlehem. The birthplace of our Messiah is no secret. Actually, the Messiah’s birthplace was no secret even before Jesus’ birth. People knew where he’d be born a few hundred years […]


God Heals At Glenwood High

Holy chaos erupted at Glenwood High School on the 17th March and lives were forever changed! I teach a performing arts Academy lesson during school terms every Monday & Friday morning from 7:30am to 9am and this particular lesson ended with spontaneous conversation about God being a healer. With a few minutes left on the […]


Jesus heals at Wimpy!

Four passionate young guys from Glenridge were recently on a trip up to Joburg to watch Dave Matthews Band in concert, and on their way back to Durban, God used them to heal people inside Wimpy of all places! Their story goes like this: “On the way back to Durban after our time in Joburg, […]

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